WebMySQL - Overview

A web interface to a MySQL database server.
For a screenshot, please click here (36k). Also a fully working demo is available, you will need to supply your own MySQL connection details to login.


  • Supports the following SQL queries:
    • SELECT
    • JOIN
    • SHOW
    • DROP
    • CREATE
    • USE
    • INSERT
  • Advanced query options such as LIMIT, DISTINCT and GROUP
  • Fully customisable look and feel using CSS and HTML templates
  • HTML results or downloadable CSV file
  • mysqldump file import and export
  • Empty databases and tables


  • Perl installed with DBI and DBD::mysql modules installed
  • MySQL server access
  • Web server with CGI or PSGI support

WebMySQL - Changelog

Version 3.02   (28th September 2016)

Can now be installed in any path. Version 3.01   (27th September 2016) Now runs when specified as a dependency of a project. Version 3.0   (27th September 2016) Now supports PSGI. Version 2.7   (16th March 2005) Explain output now shown on queries
More use of CSS in templates
Insert bug fixed
Table status can now be viewed with description.
Version 2.6   (14th January 2004) Can now export in mysqldump format.
mysqldump file import improved.
Version 2.5   (29th November 2003) Database listing fixed if "SHOW DATABASES" command disabled for user. Version 2.4   (16th November 2003) A few bug fixes.
Table emptying now supported.
Templates altered.
Version 2.3   (29th September 2003) Lots of bug fixes.
Database wiping now supported.
Login method updated.
Version 2.2   (30th June 2003) mysqldump file import.
Session key timeout updated.
Null values supported in table creation.
Version 2.1   (27th May 2003) Database creation and deletion now supported.
Databases can be switched without logging out.
Limited table creation available.
Version 2.0   (3rd May 2003) Server side cookies now used.
Table deletion now supported.
HTML look revamped.
Version 1.7   (20th February 2003) Minor bug fixes.
(Never released)
Version 1.6   (13th January 2002) GROUP option added in SELECT queries.
SQL code now shown on queries.
HTML look revamped.
Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.5   (25th October 2001) Public release.

WebMySQL - Installation

See README on GitHub project.

Download older versions

2.719.6k16/03/2005no CSV support, open source
2.6663k14/01/2004no CSV support
2.5664k29/11/2003no CSV support
2.4659k16/11/2003no CSV support
2.3662k29/09/2003no CSV support
2.2585k30/06/2003no CSV support
2.1582k27/05/2003no CSV support
2.0576k03/05/2003no CSV support
1.6431k13/01/2002CSV support