PerlSendmail - Overview

If you have scripts that require SendMail for sending emails, but do not want to install sendmail on your server then you can use this wrapper instead.

This simple Perl script will send email by connecting to a user specified SMTP server directly. This means that no queue directories or daemons are needed.

If the SMTP server can not be reached then the email will be discarded.


  • Suitable for use in a chroot environment
  • Supports the following sendmail command line options:
    • -f
    • -F
    • -t
  • Simple installation
  • Simple configuration


  • Perl installed with the following modules installed
    • Net::SMTP
    • Getopt::Std
    • Email::Simple
  • SMTP server access

PerlSendmail - Changelog

Version 2.1   (20th April 2006)

Bugfix: If no Cc header was found an additional message would be sent to an empty email address.

Version 2.0   (20th February 2006)

Now supports Cc headers.

Version 1.0   (18th February 2006)

Public release.

PerlSendmail - Downloads