Open Flash Chart PHP5 patch: Overview

Open Flash Chart 2 is a brilliant opensource library for creating charts on the host server side and rendering them in the browser with javascript and flash.

Open flash chart has numerous libraries for several different programming languages, the PHP 5 library was incomplete and missing some of the required features that existed in the PHP4 version. Probably due to the PHP4 library being more popular at the time.

This patch addresses some of the missing features.

Please refer to the Open Flash Chart community forums for discussion and the original posting of this code on there.


  • Dot style support with tooltips and on click events.
  • Line width support for scatter line (so now a line is actaully drawn).
  • Chart tooltip support.
  • X axis labels have steps and visible steps support.
  • Axis has offset support.
  • Charts support axis number format.
  • Allows the colour and other options to be set for a horizontal bar chart.
  • Line style now supported on line charts.
  • Horizontal bar charts are now clickable.
  • Vertical bar charts are now clickable.
  • Labels now work on pie charts.
  • Pie chart supports more configuration options
  • Added example of scatter line chart "php5-ofc-library/examples/scatter-line-chart.php".



  1. Download and extract the above zip file as normal.
  2. Download the patch below to a temporary directory.
  3. Change into the extracted open flash chart directory.
  4. Apply the PHP5 patch:
    patch -p1 < /tmp/ofc2_lug_wyrm_charmer_php5_improvements.patch
  5. Include in PHP project as usual.


ofc2_lug_wyrm_charmer_php5_improvements.patchPHP5 patch