iRadiusd - Overview

i-Radiusd is a streamlined RADIUS server that uses very little memory and cpu time.
It use a single non-blocking process similar to the Squid proxy server, and is currently in use serving a userbase of over one hundred thousand covering serveral NAS's.


  • MySQL, UNIX system account and built-in Authentication
  • PAP and CHAP support
  • Generic and group return attribute lists.
  • Group limit lists, including concurrent logons.
  • CLI list checking.
  • External program execution upon accounting.
  • SQL Accounting.
  • Dynamic group attributes.
  • Multiple SQL authentication servers.
  • Multiple NAS support
  • Cross platform


  • Linux or Solaris operating system
  • Perl installed
  • The following Perl modules:
    • Digest::MD5
    • RADIUS::Dictionary (see below)
    • RADIUS::Packet (see below)
    • Net::UDP
    • DBI and MySQL drivers
    • strict (included with perl as standard)
    • Fcntl (included with perl as standard)
  • Remote or local MySQL server for authentication (optional)
  • Remote or local MySQL server for Accounting (optional)
  • Local web server with CGI support for web interface (optional)

iRadiusd - Changelog

Version 4.6.2 (25/06/2002)

"DebugDir" option no longer used. All output is now sent to the logs. Version 4.6.1 (19/06/2002) Code reduction. All attributes can now be passed to external attribute programs by using placeholders. Version 4.6 (01/05/2002) Added new status code if external attribute programs fail (8). Server response routines simplified. Updated features to web interface. Version 4.5.1 (19/04/2002) Fixed accounting concurrent users bug, if a start record was received after a stop packet. Version 4.5 (12/04/2002) Updated features to web interface. Radiusd now logs authentication attempts to SQL rather and a text file. Version 4.4 (08/04/2002) Revised duplicate accounting check. Added more features to web interface. Altered current users SQL table. Version 4.3 (20/03/2002) Multiple authentication servers supported. A list of allowed cli numbers can now be returned from the sql query. Changes made to web interface. Version 4.2.1 (15/03/2002) Duplicate accounting packets not logged. Version 4.2 (11/03/2002) Dynamic group attributes are now supported. Version 4.1 (07/03/2002) Day limits now replaced by hour limits. Limits can now be specified by the user's dialled number. Maximum online hours can now be specified. Version 4 (04/03/2002) Accounting database setup changed, to cope with unreliable accounting information. Admin web fronted updated. Version 3.5 (01/03/2002) More flexible CHAP authentication to support different rack types. Version 3.4 (12/02/2002) Day limits are now supported. Concurrent SQL connection info now uses the configuration file. Version 3.3 (10/02/2002) PAP bug fixed when using 3Com racks. Reduced code in Accounting server. Version 3.2 (29/11/2001) Built in user authentication now supported Version 3.1 (28/11/2001) Accounting server code tidy up. New "Exec" option added to Accounting server. Version 3 (26/11/2001) MySQL Authentication host and database can now be set via the configuration file. SQL authentication query is also now set via the configuration file. Version 2 (21/12/2000) Updated PAP and CHAP checking subs. SQL user detail searching is now done in a separate shared sub. Also usernames now have to be alpha-numeric to stop unwanted ASCII characters from effecting SQL queries. Version 1 (28/12/2000) Updated CLI checking sub, now user's defined CLI is obtained from the "get_details" sub. Speeding things up a bit.

iRadiusd - Downloads

Coming soon.
Please contact us for details.