Findview - Overview

This is a simple bash script that will save the results of file search in a directory.


  • Supports all the same search criteria as the find command
  • Previous searches can be updated without needing to remember the criteria used
  • Symlinks used for results, so minimal disk space used


  • BASH installed
  • The following shell utilities
    • find
    • sed
    • which
    • pwd

Findview - Help

Run the following command for help.

./ -h

findview options should be placed before the double dash (--) and the find criteria should be placed after. Here are some examples of how to use findview.

Find all .pl files in your home dir
As you can see any options after the double-dash "--" are standard find command options. The results of the find will be placed in "/tmp/view1"

./ /tmp/view1 -- ~/ -name "*.pl"

Updating a previous search's results
This will prompt you if you want to remove all the files from the current directory and use the criteria found in ".findview_search" to run the search again.

cd /tmp/view1
./ -u

Findview - Changelog

Version 1.2   (2oth May 2007)

Filenames with spaces are now supported. Relative find paths are now made absolute.

Version 1.1   (2nd March 2007)

Update function bug fixed, if findview was being used from an arbitary location rather than from your PATH, then the location of the findview script could not be found.

Version 1.0   (24th February 2007)

Public release.

Findview - Downloads

1.21.5k20/05/2007Filenames with spaces supported
1.11.2k02/03/2007Update function fixed