ThreeDFM: Overview

This is a joint project with Tim Terry with more concise information available from the following link: Vision.

The aim of this project for a user to be able to navigate and administer their files using a three diamensional environment, rather than using one of many popular two dimensional file managers. This app is still in it's alpha stages but this page give you a taste of things to come.

Here is the lastest screenshot of ThreeDFM in action.


  • Full "flight" like navigation in all directions
  • Multiple directory displaying
  • Moveable directories


ThreeDFM: Changelog

Version 0.7   (10th May 2002)

Rendering redesign.
Directories now moveable.
Tree structure redesign.
Able to view multiple directories.
Version 0.6   (16th January 2002) Initial public preview.

ThreeDFM: Downloads

0.789k10/05/2002i386 binary
0.625k16/01/2002i386 binary