Terminal problem with joe

I'm getting the following error when I try to utilize the editor "joe" from a remote pc using a telnet program:

"Sorry, your terminal can't do absolute cursor positioning."

This error does not occur when I work directly on the linux box. I get the same error with both the windows telnet program and the telnet program - "CRT". I'm using VT100 emulation, but also tried VT220 with no luck. This used to work previously.

To fix type into your terminal:

echo $TERM

It is fairly likely that when you log in, the session is either:

  • Setting an inappropriate value to the TERM environment variable, or
  • Setting a value for which termcap does not have a suitable terminal definition.

The likely solution is to either do:

setenv TERM vt100


export TERM=vt100

(or try vt220, if that seems more suitable)

Last updated: 13/02/2005