Basic Unix Commands

!Repeats commands
aliasThis allows the user view the current aliases
awkThis allows the user to search for a pattern within a file
calDisplays a calendar
catConcatenate and prints files
ccc compiler
cdChanges directories
chgrpChange group ownership for a file
chmodChange file access permissions
chownChange file owner and group
cmpCompares two files
commCompares two files so as to determine which lines are common to both
cpCopies file to another location
datePrint or set the system date and time
dfReport filesystem disk space usage
diffFind differences between two files
duEstimate file space usage
echoDisplay a line of text
envLists the current environment variables
exAnother text editor
exprEvaluate expressions
fileDetermine file type
findSearch for files in a directory
grepSearches for a pattern within a file
helpGives help
killTerminate a process
lastShow listing of last logged in users
lnMake links between files
lprcopies the file to the line printer
lsList directory contents
mailAllows the user to send/receive mail
mkdirMake directories
moreDisplays a file to the screen
mvUsed to move or rename files
nohupAllows a command to continue running even when you log out
nroffUsed to format text
passwdChange user password
psLists the current processes running
pwdPrint name of current/working directory
resetReset the terminal
rmRemove files or directories
rmdirRemove empty directories
sedA stream editer for filtering output
setLists all the variables in the current shell
setenvChange or add an environment variable
sleepDelay for a specified amount of time
sortSort lines of text files
sourceAllows the user to execute a file and update any changed values in that file
splitSplit a file into pieces
sttyChange and print terminal line settings
tailOutput the last part of files
talkTalk to another user
tarCopies all specified files into one
teeRead from standard input and write to standard output and files
topDisplay top CPU processes
touchCreates an empty file or updates the time/date stamp on a file
troffFormat documents
tsetSets the terminal type
umaskSpecify a new creation mask
uniqRemove duplicate lines from a sorted file
uptimeTell how long the system has been running.
uucpUnix to unix file copy
viFull screen editor
wcPrint the number of bytes, words, and lines in file.
whoShow who is logged on
writeSend a message to another user